Katharine Gostek, Assistant Articles Editor

Katharine attended undergrad at Wester University in Canada. She is interested in International Business Law and Corporate Law. Additionally, she is currently working at Jerome L, Fine, Attorney at Law doing primarily commercial real estate law. 

Katharine plans on practicing law in Michigan, Colorado, Washington state, or abroad. While at MSU College of Law, Katharine's achievements include: 

  • Student publication in the MSU International Law Review Journal,
  • Dean's List Scholar (all academic semesters),
  • Trustee Scholarship Recipient,
  • Jurisprudence Award in Comparative Free Expression, and
  • Jurisprudence Award in Advance Legal Research. 

When Katharine is not studying or working, she enjoys traveling the world and trying new foods.

If you would like to contact Katharine, please email her at gostekka@msu.edu.